Lu Spencer, WSB
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Lu Spencer, WSB

Chapter 6

(Lulu is driving with Anna in the passenger seat.)
Anna: I cannot believe that Jack didn't warn us about Robin!
Lulu: Nikolas really is nice; don't listen to Luke.
Anna: So, where are we going?
Lulu: To visit one of my contacts for some electronic toys. He's on the waterfront, right near the Wyndmere ferry.
Anna: Super. Is he reliable?
Lulu: (laughs) Very. I don't go to anyone else. (stops the car. Anna and Lulu get out.)
(Lulu walks up to an abandoned building. She looks around before placing her hand on a blank wall. A door opens in the wall and Anna and Lulu step inside.)
Lulu: Yo! Luck! It's me!
Lucky: (stepping out of the shadows) Lulu! What's up? (hugs Lulu)
Lulu: Anna, this is my brother, Lucky Spencer. Luck, this is Anna Scorpio.
Lucky: Robin's mother? I thought she was dead.
Lulu: She was about as dead as I was away in France on a school trip.
Lucky: Oh, a WSB thing.
Anna: You were the one who brough Faison down in France?
Lulu: Yeppers. They never expect the innocent teenage girl. Anyway, Luckster, can you hook me up with some undetectables? There's a DVX dude at PCH.
(Lucky goes out of view for a few moments before reappearing.)
Lucky: Here ya go, baby sis.
Lulu: Thanks. Oh, we're gonna go visit Nik and co., you want to come?
Lucky: I know that tone, Lu. What did Dad do now?
Anna: He and Robin got into a giant fight about Stefan and Nikolas Cassadine, and Robin stormed out.
Lulu: And then I started on how many people would be dead if Nikolas didn't exist.
Lucky: Who besides you?
Lulu: As if I wasn't enough! Remember when Tony kidnapped Robin and Nikolas tipped off Jason?
Lucky: Oh yeah. Wait, you were four and living in North Carolina. Who told you about that?
Lulu: Lucas. That boy won't shut up for a second!
Anna: Lucas? You don't mean Tony JONES?
Lulu: Don't ask.
Lucky: Who else?
Lulu: Uh, you and Liz. You know, the day before your wedding, Helena's little kidnapping plan, Nikolas shooting her, any of this ringing a bell?
Lucky: I could have gotten us out.
Lulu: Sure, Lucky. Anyway, you coming?
Lucky: No, I have to pick up Lauren from school.
Lulu: Where's Liz?
Lucky: She and Carly are out shopping.
Lulu: Aw, aren't you sweet letting the little woman go shopping while you pick up the kids from school.
Lucky: Shut up, Lu.
(Lu hugs Lucky)
Lu: Later, big bro.
Lucky: Bye. (shakes his head and smiles as they leave)

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