Lu Spencer, WSB
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Lu Spencer, WSB

Chapters 1-5

Lulu: (walking out door) I''m leaving!
Luke: Lulu, come here.
Lulu: (turns around) What is it now, Dad? I've got places to go, people to pester.
Luke: Can you deliver this to Barbara for me? On your way to work?
Lulu: Very subtle.
Luke: What?
Lulu: I know Ruby called you and said I was cutting work.
(Luke looks at her expectantly)
Lulu: I call it protesting against my schedule, OK? Anyway, I'm looking for a better job.
Luke: One you'll actually show up for?
Lulu: Cute, Dad. (looks at watch) Well as much as I'm enjoying this feeble exchange of dialogue, I need to be leaving.
Luke: Just warn Ruby next time, OK?
Lulu: (hugs Luke) OK Dad. (walking out door) I'll be back around midnight. (slams door shut)
Luke: I should be leaving anyway. (puts his hand in his pocket) She took my keys!

(knock at door)
Jack: (opening door) You're late. Trouble?
Lulu: (hanging coat up) No more than I can handle. What's up?
Jack: Something a bit different. You're our youngest, uh, staff member, and we have a perfect assignment for you because you're the least likely person to be employed here.
Lulu: Well, what do you have in mind?
Jack: You'll be reporting back to a pair of agents who wanted to return here. They will pretend that one of them was in a coma, while the other had amnesia, so they had no idea to return to Port Charles until now.
Lulu: Intriging couple. Do I know them?
Jack: Your parents knew them well. They "died" before you were born.
Lulu: What will I be reporting to them on?
Jack: There is a rumor of a DVX agent in the high school here. We aren't sure if it's a teenager or a teacher. We need you to keep your eyes open and report back to us.
Lulu: So, basically, I'll be paid to go to school.
Jack: (grins) Yes. Now, your partners should be here by now.
(knock at the door)
Lulu: Is that them?
Jack: It should be. (opens door, Robert and Anna walk in)
(Lulu stands up)
Jack: Robert and Anna Scorpio, meet Lulu Spencer. Lulu, your partners, Robert and Anna.
Lulu: (shaking their hands) Robin's parents?
Robert: Yes. You've got to be Luke and Laura's daughter. You look like them.
Lulu: Thank you - I think. (Anna and Robert laugh.) Now, does anyone know that you're alive?
Anna: Not right now. We have a plan to introduce ourselves. It involves you.
Jack: (interrupting) If everyone's OK, then I will be leaving, I have other people to see. Lulu, be a dear and lock up when you're through.
Lulu: No problem, Jack.
(Jack leaves)

Robert: Now our scenario of where we have been is that instead of dying in an explosion, I had such a jolt that she experienced amnesia and Anna went into a coma. After finally coming out of the coma, she only remembered a few things.
Lulu: Why would it take you so long to return, Mr. Scorpio?
Anna: Call us Robert and Anna, please. A month or so ago, we figured out that Charles, one of the things I remembered, was a place, not a person. Then one day last week, we found Port Charles on a map of New York and he remembered the name Luke Spencer.
Lulu: (to herself) Selective amnesia, very creative. (to them) So you came to town to find this Luke Spencer and see what he knew of your lives.
Robert: Exactly. After Luke talks for a while, I'll suddenly remember everything.
Lulu: Where do I come in?
Robert: You overheard us talking about Luke Spencer and walked right up to us, asking why we wanted to see him.
Lulu: Great. OK, let's go.
Anna: Already? Are you even sure Luke is home?
Lulu: I swiped his car keys, he's not going anywhere. (all start to leave) Are you certain nobody knew you were alive?
Robert: Positive. Your father was still living in Canada at the time. Otherwise, he would have found out.
Lulu: Robert, it's not that hard to fool him. I've been doing it for sixteen years.

(Luke is in the back of his club. Lulu bursts through the door with Robert and Anna behind her.)
Lulu: Hey, Dad, I-
Luke: (not looking up) Lulu, give me my keys back so I can give Laura back hers.
Lulu: (slams keys down on the desk) OK, but you really should just give me my own set. Anyway, I-
Luke: (looks up) Lulu, I- Oh my God. Robert, I thought you were dead!
Lulu: See what happens when you don't listen to me! I found these two asking about you, so I brought them to see you.
Luke: Do you know who he is?
Lulu: Uh, Dad, he doesn't know who he is!
Luke: What?
Robert: She's right. I know my name, my wife's name, and your name.
Luke: Wait, you remembered my name, but you didn't remember your brother's name or your daughter's name or anything like that?
Anna: We have a daughter?
Luke: Are you Anna?
Anna: Yes.
Luke: Then, yes, you have a daughter.
Lulu: Wait, they're not Robert and Anna Scorpio are they?
Robert: Yes, those are our names.
Luke: Lulu, go get Robin and Mac.
(Lulu leaves)
Luke: You two don't remember anything?
Robert: Anna remembers more than I do.
Anna: I remember names, things.I remembered Charles, which turned out to be Port Charles, and Faison, I don't know what that means, and-
Luke: You don't remember Robin?
Anna: No. I don't remember you either. We figured out that Charles meant Port Charles and Robert suddenly remembered your name.
Luke: You wouldn't remember me, we never met. OK, Port Charles triggered my name. Let's try some other things. Um, Holly?
Robert: The plant?
Luke: (laughs) Uh, no. Um, Laura?
Robert: You- your wife?
Luke: OK. Robin?
Robert: Nothing.
(Lulu opens the door, followed by Robin.)
Lulu: I ran into Robin outside the club.
Robin: Luke, what is Lu talking a-bout (Robin's eyes widen, she stares at Robert and Anna in shock) (whispering) Dad? Mom?
Anna & Robert: (eyes widen as if they suddenly remember everything) Robin!
(Robin runs and throws her arms around Robert and Anna.)


Robert: ...And then we saw you and it just came back to us.
Anna: Where's Mac?
Robin: He's probaby at the Outback with Felicia.
Lulu: I'll go get him!
Luke: (calling after Lulu) Bring Felicia too!
(Lulu's hand gives the OK sign through the doorway)
Anna: How are Sean and, and Dominique and -
Robin: You don't know?
Anna: Know what, darling?
Robin: Sean and Tiffany were living in New York last I heard.
Anna: And Dominique?
Robin: (looks down at the ground) Dominique died about a year after you two disappeared.
Robert :(genuienly shocked) What?
Robin: She had a brain tumor. Her daughter lives here, though.
Anna: Daughter?
Robin: Serena Baldwin.
Robert and Anna: Baldwin?!
(Luke laughs)
Robert: Scott Baldwin and Dominique?!
Luke: Don't forget her sister, Katty Bell.
Robin: (annoyed) Luke.
Anna: Dominique had a sister?
Luke: A doozy of a sister! She almost conned Scott Baldwin and Ned Ashton into marriage. Hell, Vlad nearly married her! (Robin rolls her eyes at the mention of 'Vlad')
Robert: Vlad?
Luke: Stefan Cassadine. His mommy carted Katty off somewhere before the wedding happened. (thoughtfully) I wonder what ever happened to her...
Robin: ( begining to get angry) Luke!
Robert: (not hearing Robin) I thought the Cassadines were dead.
Luke: Yeah, we wish. Mikkos had another son, Steffin, and a bastard daughter Alexis. And then there is, of course, the matter of the demon spawn...
Robin: (angrily) Luke, shut up!
(Robert and Anna stare at Robin in amazement.)
Luke: Robin, you know my opinion on Nikolas.
Robin: Yeah, but you don't have to talk about it in front of me! Granted, Helena and all the dead ones are horrible, but Nikolas and Stefan are completely different! After all these years, I can't belive you still refuse to see that!
Luke: I think-
Robin: I have to go. Mom, Dad, I live in Wyndemere on Spoon Island, so come by as soon as you can! (she hugs and kisses both of them, glares at Luke, and leaves)
Robert: (turns to Luke) What was that about and who is Nikolas?

(Luke sighs and gets up from behind his desk)
Luke: Remember how Laura was held captive on the Cassadine compound in Greece?
Robert: By Stavros?
Luke: Yeah. Well, she kinda had a kid.
Robert: WHAT?
Luke: Yeah, the Cassadine heir, well actually, just The Cassadine now.
Robert: Oh God. Why was Robin so defensive though?
(Luke mumbles something)
Robert: What?
Luke: She married Nikolas Cassadine.
Robert: You let my daughter marry a Cassadine?!
Lulu: (coming in through the door) Mac and Felicia weren't there. Now, let me ask you something, is the insane grudge stubborness a strictly male gene or something? Tell me Dad, would you rather that Nikolas had never been born and I was dead and Robin was alone? Actually, Robin would probably be dead too because Nikolas is the one who tipped Jason off as to where she was. So, Robin and I would be dead. And, of course, there would have been no one to stop Helena a few years back when she wanted to kill Lucky and Liz, so both of your children would be dead, as well as Robin and Liz. Do you really want me to go on?
Anna: This Nikolas doesn't seem like such a bad person, even if he is a Cassadine. Maybe the fact that Laura is his mother makes him different.
Lulu: At last! A sane person! I knew it was a male gene! Anna, do you want me to take you to visit Robin, Nik, Luciana, and Alexei?
Anna: Luciana and Alexei?
Lulu: Nik and Robin's kids. They are SO cute! Come on. (Lulu grabs Anna's arm)
(Anna waves to Robert as Lulu drags her out the door.)
(Robert looks at Luke.)
Luke: That girl's gonna kill me!
Robert: (sarcastically) I can't imagine who she reminds me of.

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