Love, Lies, and Laura Spencer
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Love, Lies, and Laura Spencer

Chapters 1 - 5

Chapter 1
"How dare you return here, Lasha. Do you really think that I will not tell Luke the truth? The full truth of your betrayal to him? You know perfectly well who Nikolas' father is. Have you told Luke yet? Perhaps we should telephone him together." I turned away from Stefan and stared out over the cliffs. "You betrayed everyone- Luke, me, Nikolas-" Something in me snapped. I whirled around and stood face to face with him.
"I have never betrayed Nikolas, and you know it. Any lies that have been told to him were told by you. Dammit Stefan! What is wrong with you? You follow me around the island, around Port Charles, around Switzerland, like some sick puppy, throw my son in my face, and then refuse to let me see him? God! I don't know whether to tell Nikolas the truth or kill you so he never has to know what a fool I have been!" Stefan made a motion towards me. "Stay away from me. I never want to see you again. No matter what you say, your family tricked me into marriage, forcing me to marry Stavros right after I was told of Luke's death. Nothing like that will ever happen again." I held up my left hand. "See this? It's a wedding ring, Stefan. I will never take this off. If you kill me, I'll be buried with it. If you kill Luke, I will still wear it and love him forever. So go ahead, shout my deciption from the roof of Wyndemere for all I care. It won't change a thing."
"Don't be a fool, Lasha. Luke will never forgive you." Stefan cried in despair. I smiled slowly.
"How do you know he already hasn't?" I asked mysteriously, walking off.

Chapter 2
"Luke, I need to talk to you." I said, coming up behind him.
"Laura? When did you get back?" Luke asked, turning around.
"Oh my God, what happened to you?" I cried, staring at his bruised face.
"Lucky punched me."
"WHAT? Why? Where is he?" I asked franitcally. "Wait, you didn't hit him back, right?"
"Of course not!"
"Just checking. Why in God's name did Lucky punch you?" Luke looked deep into my eyes.
"Do you know that Webber girl, Elizabeth?"
"Not personally, but I've heard you and Lucky talking about her. Wait- what does that have to do with anything?"
"It's not public knowledge, but she was raped in the park a week ago."
"The- the park? By who?"
"We don't know. She won't go to the police."
"That's horrible! She's only, what, fifteen?"
"Yeah. You were only seventeen." I looked at Luke in confusion for a split second before sighing.
"What? Luke, we're over that. I'm over that. It's over. There's no point in dragging up something that happened almost twenty years ago!" My eyes widened in horror. "Luke, why did our son punch you? You didn't.... Please tell me that you didn't tell him."
"I . . . I didn't have a choice."
"Oh my God. Are you insane? How can you not have a choice? Listen, I know that it must be hard for you to see Elizabeth and Lucky, but this will destroy him!"
"Barbara said that if I didn't tell him that she would."
"Bobbie? The same Bobbie who told me to apologize for making you feel
bad after it happened? She has no room to talk! She should be off bonding with her grandson instead of messing with my life!" I grabbed my coat.
"Where are you going?"
"To talk with my darling sister-in-law. If Lucky comes back, tell him to sit down and I'll be back soon." I looked at my husband. I smiled and kissed him. "I love you. And don't you ever forget it."
With that I was gone.

Chapter 3
"Coming!" Bobbie called, running over to her door breathlessly. She flung open the door. I stepped by her without a word, slamming the door behind my.
"Laura! When did you get-"
"Shut up. I cannot believe what you have done in my abscence. If this is some sort of revenge against Luke for not telling you about Caroline-"
"What are you talking about, Laura?"
"How dare you force my husband to tell my son about my past. It is none of your buisness. It is none of Lucky's buisness. It was between me and Luke and it's over and everything was fine. What were you thinking? Do you want me to go over and tell Carly what you did to me? Huh? Maybe she'll find out who the real hypocrite in this family is."
"You weren't here. You didn't see Luke trying to help Lucky so Lucky could help Elizabeth. Lucky deserves to know!"
"How does that help him? All you accomplished was to make him feel betrayed by his parents and disgusted with his father. Did you know that Lucky punched Luke? My husband is sitting at home with a bruised face because of you- not to mention what all of this is doing to him inside!"
"Luke didn't hit him back did he?"
"No, of course not!" I sighed, annoyed with this pointless conversation. "Who else knows?"
"I haven't told anyone."
"Is Lucky here? Has he been here?"
"He hasn't been here."
"He'll show up. When he does you send him home immediately or I'll tell all to Caroline, understand?"
"Fine." I walked out the door.
"Where could he be?" I thought in despair. "Audrey's!" I smiled and went off towards Audrey's house, cutting through the park.

Chapter 4
Lucky was sitting on a bench, across from where he found Elizabeth. He stared at the fountain, deep in thought. He couldn't believe his father... he couldn't think about that right now..... but what else was there to think about? A strange notion enterd his mind. What if his parents had to get married because she was pregnant? No, they were married for a while before he was born, what with her being kidnapped by the- Nikolas! What if Nikolas was his full brother? They say abscence makes the heart grow fonder. How fond?
Lucky's train of thought was interrupted by someone running by. He recognized that person.
"Mom?" I stopped dead in my tracks. I turned to see my son sitting alone on a bench.
"I was looking for you." I replied, walking towards him.
"You know why."
"No I don't. I know what, I just don't understand why." Lucky turned away and stared into space for a few seconds before continuing. "Mom, is Nikolas Dad's son?"

Chapter 5
"I think we're talking about two completely different topics here. I was talking about the- my-" I looked around herself nervously. "Lucky, can we go home?"
"No. I want an answer to my question. Is Nikolas Dad's son?"
"What made you think that?" I asked, avoiding the question.
"I want an answer, Mom. Who is Nikolas' father?"
"Lucky, only I know that answer and I'm not about to lose all my secrets in one day, OK?" Lucky just looked at me. I sighed.
"Fine. I'll ask you tomorrow." Lucky turned to leave.
"Wait! Let me explain! You don't understand. What happened between me and your father and what happened to Elizabeth are completely different."
"I don't want to talk about it, Mom."
"That's too d**n bad! I wasn't consulted on the decision to tell you, Luke had no choice in the matter of telling you, and apparently you stormed out before he could explain anything."
"Don't you tell me that Dad had no choice in the matter. That doesn't even make any sense, Mom."
"Bobbie told him that if he didn't tell you, then she would."
"Bobbie knew? That explains why she's been at him all week."
"Bobbie is a hypocritical- sorry."
"What do you mean? It seems to me all she did was make sure I knew the truth."
"You don't know the truth! You just know a little bit of the truth. Bobbie told me to apologize to Luke after it happened because I made him feel bad. You know your cousin Carly? She's an angel compared to what Bobbie used to be."
"Great. Is there anyone in this d**n family I can trust?"
"You can trust me and your father and your grandmother and your sister and even your aunt. Just because we don't tell you about certain aspects of our lives does not mean that you can't trust us. We never lied to you."
"Sorry I guess it never occured to me to ask you. Imagine that." Lucky snapped. I sighed. Everything's coming out today, I decided.
"Yes what?"
"Yes, Luke is Nikolas' father."
"That's all I needed to know." Lucky replied.
"Lucky!" I cried in dispair as my son stalked away from me. I put my face in my hands and cried. I jumped, feeling a hand on my shoulder.
"Laura, what are you doing here?" a voice asked. I looked up and gasped. Then everything went black.

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