Lasha's Fanfic

Lasha's Fanfic

Welcome to Lasha's Fanfic, home of all of my General Hospital fan fiction stories. Lifelike and New Kid In Town are posted on Port Charles Online's GH Fanfiction Message Board, and Lifelike even has a mailing list. If you want to join Lifelike's mailing list, e-mail me!

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Lifelike - (1998) My version of what happens after Lucky finds out the truth about Laura's rape. Stars Lucky, Nikolas, Elizabeth, and a new character named Ria. Chapters 1 - 67 posted.

Updated 6-12

New Kid In Town - (2000) What happens when Dr. Zo Edmundson, a girl with intresting ties to the Spencers and Cassadines, comes to town. This story takes place in the year 2000 and begins with Zo attending an ELQ-GH gala at the Q's mansion with an intresting ending to that night's events. Chapters 1 - 26 posted.

Updated 5-25

Memories - (1998) A new girl comes looking for Laura. This takes place back when Elizabeth and Sarah were on the show for about five seconds a week, so they aren't on except in passing. Stars Lucky, Laura, Luke, and a new character named Lasha. Chapters 1 - 28 posted.

Updated 6-2

Love, Lies, and Laura Spencer - (1998) Laura returns home and reveals that Luke is Nikolas' father before inexplicably faking her death and returning to spy on her family. Chapters 1 - 10 posted.

Loren - (2015) The near-rape of Loren, Luke and Laura's youngest daughter, causes Liz to have flashback memories and Lu's career nearly to be discovered. Chapters 1 - 7 posted.

Lu Spencer, WSB - (2010) Lu is a 16-year-old WSB agent who is working with Robert and Anna Scorpio to bring down a DVX agent at PCH. Chapters 1 - 6 posted.

Marissa Sutton - (1998) Lucky is saved by a teenage girl on the docks, who later turns out to be Holly Sutton and Robert Scorpio's daughter whom the Cassadines are after. Chapters 1 - 5 posted.

Truth Sets Free - (2017) Sequel to "New Kid In Town." Lenna is alive and engaged to Alexander Collins. Chapters 1 - 5 posted.

Sweet Sorrow - (1998) Lucky and Luke unknowingly save the life of Stavros' eldest child Kristine, who was raised by her mother. Chapters 1 - 3 posted.

Secrets, Lies, and Deception - (Narrator-timeless Natalia-1998)The story of Natalia Berkman, a mystery woman who comes into the Spencers' and Cassadines' lives. Told from an unnamed narrator. Prologue through Part Two posted.

Ekaterina - (1998) Ekaterina Cassadine, Stefan's daughter who has been hidden away from the family for 16 years, falls for Lucky, who ends the affair as soon as he finds out her parentage. Simulatenously, Nikolas learns of her existence and something major happens to Luke. Chapter 1 posted.

Lasha's Story - (timeless) Laura's letter to Nikolas, written the day before she left, telling of her life on the island. Part One posted.

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