Sweet Sorrow

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Sweet Sorrow

Chapters 1-3


Kristine Ellison leaned back against her seat and sighed contently as she glanced over at her companion. Eric Daeson caught her eye and smiled, placing his hand over hers. She leaned towards him, kissing him briefly before leaning against his chest, the top of her reddish-blond head tickling his chin. After a few moments of quietly sitting, Kristine giggled.

"What?" Eric asked, pulling away to look at her.

"I just got all comfy, and now I have to use the bathroom," Kristine groaned, dragging herself up from her seat and glancing towards the back of the plane, a slight feeling of nausea coming over her. She shook the feeling away, smiled, and kissed Eric on the cheek before walking down the airplane aisle.

Kristine walked out of the bathroom and started towards her seat.

Suddenly the plane lurched, nearly throwing Kristine into the lap of a passenger. She flushed and tried to regain her balance and continue. She froze as the pilot's voice came over the p.a.

"Attention all passengers. Please sit down, put your seats in an upright position and buckle your safety belts immediately. We are having engine trouble and will be making an emergency landing. I repeat, sit down and put on your safety belts immediately." The passenger grabbed Kristine's wrist. She looked at him.

"Trying to get to your seat now would practically be suicide," he said. Kristine looked up and caught Eric's eye. She smiled apologetically at him and sat next to the passenger, buckling her seat belt.

Suddenly the airplane turned a sharp angle and a loud roar filled the air.


"Hey! Hey!" someone yelled, breaking the eerie, dead quiet. Kristine's eyes fluttered open; she found herself staring at the passenger she had sat next to.

"What happened?" she asked hoarsely. She sniffed the air. Her eyes widened. Kristine pushed the passenger away and sat bolt upright. "No!" she gasped.

The burning mass of the airplane loomed before her, filling the entire landscape. She turned away, not able to bear the sight, and stared straight at the passenger with anguished eyes.

"Please tell me there are more survivors."

"I don't see how." Kristine closed her eyes. "After the plane crashed, the cockpit and first class caught on fire, so I got you out and a safe distance away and I was about to go back when there was an explosion...." the passenger trailed off as Kristine looked at him, the pain welling up in her eyes. He touched her shoulder lightly. "Who was it?"

"My boyfriend Eric Daeson. We were going to visit my brother for a week." Kristine shut her dark eyes tightly to keep the tears in. She opened them slowly and caught the passenger's eye.

"Let's get out of sight of the plane, okay?" he said. She nodded mutely.

"Do you know where we are?" Kristine asked. The passenger stared at her in amazement. He had never seen someone so in control of their emotions. The passenger glanced around.

"Not a clue... Wait a second!" The passenger pulled a phone out of his pocket.

"Thank God," Kristine murmured. The passenger pushed a few speed-dial buttons.

"Yeah, what?"


"Lucky? Thank God." Luke breathed a sigh of relief.

"I take it you heard about the plane."

"Yeah. Where are you?"

"About a mile from where the plane crashed."

"Where did the plane crash?"

"I don't know. We were in the air for an hour, maybe."

"Are there any other survivors?"

"Just one. I got the girl sitting next to me out, but just before I went to get other people out, the plane exploded."

"Okay, are you near the ocean?"

"No, I don't think so; I don't smell any salt water."

"Okay, cowboy, I think I know where you are. Um, stay put, okay? I'll be there myself."

"Thanks, Dad."

"No problem."

"Well?" Kristine asked. Lucky smiled.

"My Dad should be here soon. He knows where we are."

"Good. Um, do you mind if I use your phone to call my brother?" Lucky smiled and handed her his phone. Kristine sighed and dialed the number.


"Hey, little bro, it's me."


"Kristine? Where are you?"

"About a mile from where the plane crashed."

"How many survivors are there?"

"Including me - two."

"And Eric is-"

"Dead. I was at the back of the plane when it went down and the guy sitting next to me got me out, but the plane exploded before-" Kristine bit her lip.


"Sorry. I just-"

"I'm coming to get you."

"No. The guy who saved me, his father knows where we are. I'll probably be there soon. I'll call you in a couple of hours if not, okay?"

"Fine. But don't think I'm not going to tell Uncle about this."

"I wouldn't dream of it. Bye."


Kristine handed Lucky the phone.

"I told my brother that I'd call him in a couple of hours. I hope that's okay." Lucky smiled.

"Sure, that's fine, but knowing my dad, we'll be back before then." Kristine nodded, swallowing her tears again.

"Okay. My name's Kristine, by the way." Lucky laughed.

"I'm sorry. Mine's Lucky."

"Nice to meet you." Kristine smiled.

"You too."

"So, where were you going?"

"Home. I was visiting my mother."

"Oh, are your parents divorced?"

"No, my mother is helping my grandmother through rehab." Kristine was about to reply when a loud roar filled the air.

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