New Kid In Town

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New Kid In Town

Chapters 6 - 10

Chapter Six

Pronunciation Key: Mishkov=Meesh-cough

Luke crept into the room, making sure he wasn't followed. He typed in a few commands to the hospital mainframe computer system. Taking the mouse, he selected "GH Personnel Files" and typed in the name "Edmundson, Z."

The computer came back: "No Such File"

Luke typed: "Edmundson"

The computer came back: "Edmundson, L."

Luke stared at the screen in confusion. He double-clicked on the file.

"Name: Edmundson, Doctor L. ZoŽ

Occupation: Head of Pediatrics, General Hospital 06-01-2000 to present

Family: none listed

DOB: 03-24-1978

References: Dr. Andrew Janes, Johns Hopkins University, 555-301-5968

Dr. Mariah Cartnel, Frederick Memorial Hospital, 695-555-6258

Sue Ellen Mishkov, Mishkov and Jerkins Law Firm, 555-968-4523"

Luke pulled out a piece of paper from his pocket to write down the references. A hand closed over his. He flew out of the seat, his hand still pinned to the table.

"Find anything interesting, Mr. Spencer?" ZoŽ asked, leaning down on his hand.

Chapter Seven

ZoŽ slowly crept into the office, undetected. She had seen him come in here and knew he would be engrossed in his work, but still able to detect her presence. Luckily, spying seemed to come naturally to her. She walked slowly and silently up behind him. He pulled out a piece of paper and a pen, to write down her references, she assumed.

ZoŽ leaned her arm over him and placed her hand on top of his, pinning it to the table. He flew out of his seat, but was unable to move due to her upper-body strength.

"Find anything interesting, Mr. Spencer?" she asked, leaning down on his hand, knowing that the pen was underneath it.

"Not really, darlin'. You seem to keep to yourself," Luke replied, trying to get his hand back.

"What was it you wanted?"

"Before? Information. Now? My hand." ZoŽ laughed slightly and released his hand. Luke rubbed it, seeing the imprint of a pen on the palm. The door opened and both of them instantly went on aware.

"Dr. Edmundson, Luke, what are you doing in here?" Alan Quartermaine asked, stepping in.

"It turns out Mr. Spencer is an old friend of one of my professors, Dr. Janes, so I was looking up the telephone number for him off of my references. I hope that is all right, Dr. Quartermaine." ZoŽ spoke up before Luke could say a word.

"Oh. Certainly." Alan smiled and left. Luke turned to her in confusion.

"What was that? I'd have expected you to turn me in."

"Let's just say I owe you for something, Mr. Spencer." ZoŽ answered cryptically, walking out of the room. Luke turned and noticed that the computer had been shut down.

Chapter Eight

ZoŽ sat up, leaning against the pillows on her bed. She pulled out a sapphire ring from a bedside table drawer. She put it on her left ring finger and twirled it absently as she spoke aloud to the empty room.

"Well, Mama, I started at General Hospital today. I took a couple to the emergency room, Carly and Jason Morgan, or rather Carly Spencer Benson Roberts Morgan and Jason Morgan." ZoŽ laughed. "And you thought my list of last names was something." She sighed sadly. "I found someone looking through my personnel file at work. Now, I don't want you spinning in your grave, Mama. It was Luke Spencer. Yes, the same one. I caught him, though, and I let him off the hook, but I don't think he'll try that again. I pinned his hand." ZoŽ laughed again. "It was funny, Mama. A girl pinned the all-powerful Lucas Lorenzo Spencer. And he had to ask me to let him loose. I guess all that horseback riding and yanking on the reigns paid off." ZoŽ smiled sadly and took the ring off of her finger. She kissed it and put it back in its place. She leaned over and turned off the lamp, snuggling into bed.

"Good night, Mama." she murmured, drifting off into sleep.

Chapter Nine

Pronunciation Key: Lenna=Len-uh

"Lenna!" ZoŽ gasped, her head flying off of the pillow in the couch of the on-call room at GH. Bobbie jumped back a bit, so she wouldn't get hit.

"ZoŽ, are you OK?" Bobbie asked, concerned. ZoŽ smiled sheepishly.

"Sorry, I was just having a dream. What is it?"

"Virginia Jean Morgan is ready for check out."

"Oh. Thanks, Bobbie." ZoŽ got up and started to leave. She paused in the doorway. "Hey Bobbie?"


"Ask your brother how his hand's feeling for me, will you?"

"How did you know-" ZoŽ was gone. "-that his hand was hurt?" Bobbie asked the empty room.

| | | | | | | | | | | |

"Hey Luke!" Bobbie called, walking into the back room of Luke's Club.

"Yeah? Oh, hey, Barbara Jean. How's it goin'? How's your newest grandchild?" Luke asked, leaning back in his chair.

"Just fine. She was released from the hospital today."

"By that psycho lady doc?"

"Speaking of 'that psycho lady doc', she told me to ask you how your hand was feeling. Luke, how did you really hurt your hand?"

"Psycho lady doc pinned my hand down with a pen trapped beneath it."

"Why did ZoŽ pin your hand?" Bobbie sighed. "You were looking at her personnel file, weren't you?"

"Yeah, but the gal has zero history. Only a couple of references over in Maryland."

"Luke, let her be. She didn't do anything to you."

'Yeah, but she said she owed me for something and that's why she didn't blow my cover when Alan Q walked in."

"Actually, I didn't blow your cover because I was feeling sorry for your poor wittle hand." ZoŽ spoke up.

"Lord, don't you ever knock?" Luke cried.

"You miss out on the best parts of conversations that way, Mr. Spencer. Hello, Bobbie."

"Hello, ZoŽ. Well! I have to go check on my new little granddaughter. Stop by later, won't you, Luke?"

"Sure, Barbara Jean." She leaned over to hug him.

"Be good." Luke stuck his tongue out at her. "Now I know where Lucas got that from." Bobbie smiled. "Goodbye Luke, ZoŽ." Bobbie shut the door behind her.

Chapter Ten

Pronunciation Key: Alisha=Uh-lee-shuh


Luke worked at the books for a few moments before looking up at ZoŽ.

"Do you want something or are you just going to stand there for all eternity?" he asked. ZoŽ sat down in a chair next to his desk.

"I have something you want."

"Really? Sorry, sweetheart, I'm a happily married man."

"Get your mind out of the damn gutter, Spencer. I'm serious." Luke stared at ZoŽ. This was a side of her he had not yet seen.

"You want my attention? Fine." Luke threw the book across the room. "You got my undivided attention. What's up?"

"I ask the questions before you get any information. First, did you ever live in Saint Elimus, Florida?"

"What does that have to do with anything?"

"I need to know, OK?"

"Yes, I lived in Saint Elimus for a while back in the dark ages, or the seventies as they're more commonly known."

"All right. Did you know any of the following people in that town: Alisha Marksman, Jade Opus, Camille Sedmen, or Yvette Bardy?"

"What does that have to- oh wait, lemme guess: you need to know. What were those names again?" ZoŽ studied his face carefully as she repeated herself.

"Alisha Marksman. Jade Opus. Camille Sedmen. Yvette Bardy." ZoŽ said slowly, noting a slight recognition on his face at the mention of one.

"Yeah. Camille Sedmen. I knew her. Listen, honey, is there a point to all this, or is it just a trip down Memory Lane?"

"By God, I hope that there's a point. Now, why did you leave?"

"Because I was being moved by the Organization." ZoŽ nodded, not needing him to elaborate.

"And when Miss Sedmen asked you to stay, what did you say?"

"Listen, darlin'-"

"Last question. I swear." Luke rolled his eyes, figuring that he had already said more than he meant to.

"I said 'Cammy, I can stay here and die or-

" 'Leave here and live. But if I live, you can't follow.' " ZoŽ finished in unison with him. He stared at her.

"Who are you?" he asked in a low voice.

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