New Kid In Town

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New Kid In Town

Chapter 26

Chapter Twenty-Six

"Nikolas!" Nikolas turned at the sound of his name and saw Laura walking towards him. He scowled.
"I have nothing to say to you, Laura, especially now that your husband just attempted to kill my uncle!" Nikolas spoke sharply to a few guards, informing them of the situation and telling them to hurry with the launch and to call GH. Laura sighed. It was now or never.
"Luke didn't try to kill your uncle tonight."
"Listen, I don't have time for your disillusionments tonight!" Nikolas cried, turning his back to Laura and beginning to walk away.
"He tried to kill your father," Laura finished as though Nikolas had not spoken.
Nikolas froze. He slowly turned around.
He opened his mouth to speak... but then he closed it.He shook his head and took a deep breath.
"I'm not even going to begin to attempt to discuss that little statement until Stefan can fully communicate with me. Now, if you'll excuse me, I'm not sure if Luke is just letting ZoŽ bleed to death or what, so I need to get back in there."
"We will discuss this later!" Nikolas yelled, turning on his heel and stalking back into Wyndemere.

Stefan opened his eyes slowly. He felt like he had just been hit on the head with a brick. He saw Bobbie staring at him.
"Barbara, what are you doing here?" he asked in confusion.
"ZoŽ, he's awake!" Bobbie cried. He saw a young woman with her shoulder being wrapped in a shirt glance over at them.
"That's good. Look, Luke, you won't be held responsible for murder. Darn." the woman said the last sentence with heavy sarcasm.
"Spencer!" Stefan sat up quickly. He got dizzy and put a hand against his forehead.
"Hey, Mr. whoever-the-hell-you-are, I wouldn't sit up if I were you, I kinda knocked you into the floor pretty damn hard and this floor isn't exactly soft."
"I am Stefan Cassadine and all of you are trespassing!"
"Actually, I came here with Nikolas and I think Bobbie and that other lady were allowed onto the island, so only Luke's trespassing, not like that's anything new." She ended with a glare at Luke, who was finishing up the bandage on her shoulder. Nikolas walked in, with Laura following.
"Luke, we're going home now," Laura said. "We need to talk." Luke glanced at ZoŽ.
"What the hell are you looking at me for? You have known that woman for much longer than you have known me and I don't want some gun-wielding maniac around Nikolas or me, even if he is my father. Go!" ZoŽ cried. Stefan's jaw dropped. Laura glanced at the girl, realizing that this was THE ZoŽ. She decided to deal with that later. She looked at Luke and they left.

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