New Kid In Town
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New Kid In Town

Chapters 21 - 24

Chapter Twenty-One

"Hello?" Bobbie Corbin answered her phone.
"Is this Mrs. Corbin?"
"Yes, this is Bobbie Corbin."
"Mrs. Corbin, this is Andrea Harnse. I thought you would be intrested to know that your ex-husband's parole plea has been denied."
"Thank God. Thank you for calling, Ms. Harnse."
"No problem. Goodbye, Mrs. Corbin."
"Good bye." Bobbie hung up the phone and sighed in relief. She found herself thinking back to when Tony had gotten out on parole after Michael's trial.
*****Flashback: late 1998*****
"I'm coming!" Bobbie Spencer cried, racing over to her door. She gasped.
"Hello, Bobbie. Surprised to see me?"
"How? I thought you were in prison!"
"I thought you would especially since you're the one who put me there!" Tony replied in a sing-song voice. Bobbie became increasingly frightened.
"Get out of my house, Tony."
"Where is my son?"
"Lucas is on a fishing trip with Luke and Lucky. Tony, I want you to leave."
"SHUT UP, BOBBIE!" Tony shouted suddenly. Bobbie stared at Tony, wondering what he might do.
Mike Corbin walked slowly down the street. Sonny had just suddenly shown up at the Recovery Room and had nearly given him a heart attack. He didn't know why Sonny had come back. Brenda and Jax were gone, together, to Austrailia. Mike wanted to talk it over with his closest friend. Bobbie and he had become so close since they usually got double-duty baby-sitting Michael whenever Jason and Carly were out of town. He was about to walk up to her house when he heard her scream.
Mike raced up and threw the door open and gasped audibly when he saw Tony standing, holding a knife over Bobbie's bloody body. Without thinking, Mike pinned Tony to the wall, snatched the knife away, and knocked him unconscious.
He raced to Bobbie's side. She slowly opened her eyes.
"Hey, are you OK?"
"I'll be fine. Call GH, though."
"OK." Mike began to move out of Bobbie's line of sight.
"Don't leave me!" He raced back, with the phone in his hand.
"I'm not gonna leave you ever, OK?"

"Bobbie? You OK?" Mike asked, in the present. Bobbie snapped back into reality. She smiled at Mike.
"I love you."
"Love you too."

Chapter Twenty-Two

"Hello, Laura. Is Luke here?" Bobbie asked.
"Why didn't you tell me, Bobbie?!" Laura cried, stalking away from the door she had just opened. Bobbie stepped inside the house, closing the door behind her.
"After he gave me all that grief about Nikolas! How dare he! How could you not tell me?!"
"I didn't know until yesterday, Laura. He didn't even know she existed until a few days ago." Bobbie attempted to soothe Laura. Laura turned and stared at Bobbie.
"What the hell are you talking about?"
"ZoŽ. He didn't even know Camille was pregnant!"
"WHAT?! Who's Camille?!"
"ZoŽ's mother."
"I gathered that, Bobbie."
"Wait, what are you talking about?"
"Holly Sutton!"
"Holly- oh yeah. I'd forgotten about that. Who told you?"
"Stefan, who else?"
"Of cour-" Bobbie stopped in mid-sentence and stared at Laura with a horrified expression. "You didn't know about ZoŽ?"
"No, I didn't know about ZOE!" Laura yelled. She was feeling so unbelievably angry. Suddenly, a thought crossed her mind. If she was this angry, imagine how Luke was feeling. And if Luke was this angry- "Oh God."
"What?" Bobbie asked.
"I told Luke that Stefan is Nikolas' father."
"STEFAN is Nikolas'--you told LUKE?! Oh God, where is Luke?" Laura's eyes met Bobbie's, her panic mirrored in her sister-in-law's eyes.
"I don't know."

Chapter Twenty-Three

"I can't wait to see my horse!" ZoŽ exclaimed, getting into the limo.
"Do you love to ride as much as you used to?" Nikolas asked.
"I haven't ridden in a while, but I miss it terribly. So, how is Cammy doing?"
"Oh, she's fine. My baby sister loves to ride and comes over to Wyndemere as often as Luke lets her out." ZoŽ laughed as Nikolas' cell phone rang. While he carried on a Cassadine business conversation, she remembered when they met....
......Flashback: April 1999.......
ZoŽ checked her watch for the thousandth time. Finally, a black car pulled up.
"It's about time! I've been waiting here for an hour!" ZoŽ exclaimed. A tall young man stepped out of the driver's seat. 'Hello!' ZoŽ thought admiringly.
"I'm terribly sorry. I had some business to take care of. Is this the horse we discussed?"
"Huh? Oh, yeah. This here's Cammy, short for Saphire Camille. She's strictly for learning how to ride and pleasure rides, though. I'm not going to let anyone have her who is going to abuse her or put her in heavy competition or neglect her."
"No problem. My sister has been begging me to let her ride and my current horse is very tempermental, so I need a sweet, intellegent horse that she can use."
"That's Cammy." ZoŽ smiled and stuck her hand out. "I'm ZoŽ."
"I'm Nikolas."
"Nikolas what? No last name?"
"I prefer not to give it out."
"Same here." They met each other's eyes and smiled slowly. Cammy neighed to get their attention.

"ZoŽ! Zo!" Nikolas shouted in present day.
"Huh? Oh, sorry, Nik, I was just thinking about when I generously let you buy my horse!"
"Well, we're at the launch to go over to Spoon Island. Ready?"
"Certainly." ZoŽ replied as Nikolas helped her out of the limo.

Chapter Twenty-Four

"Ya couldn't keep your hands to yourself could ya?" a voice called behind Stefan. Stefan turned sharply and saw Luke Spencer leaning against the doorframe.
"What are you referring to, Spencer?"
"The little prince!" Luke spat out venemously. Stefan was shocked that Laura had told Luke without even notifying him, but he didn't show his emotions.
"Ah, I see." Stefan's lack of emotion sent Luke over the edge.
"Oh, that's it!" Luke cried, pulling out his gun.
"NO!" someone shouted, breaking into a run.

Nikolas saw the events in slow motion. He opened the door for ZoŽ. He heard her shout. She ran towards Stefan and pushed him out of the way. Then the gunshot. He couldn't move. He just stood there in horror, waiting for the smoke to clear. He saw Stefan and ZoŽ both lying on the floor, blood coming from somewhere. He turned and saw Luke standing there holding the gun.
"What have you DONE?" Nikolas screamed.
Luke stood there in horror. The gun slipped from his hands.

Laura and Bobbie stared at each other. They both realized that was a gunshot.
The two ran into Wyndemere and stopped quickly, almost ramming into a screaming Nikolas.
Laura saw Stefan and some girl lying on the floor, blood on the ground.
She couldn't speak. She couldn't even move.
The gun clattered to the ground.

Chapter Twenty-Five

ZoŽ fell to the floor in a heap with Stefan. She tried to scream as she felt the bullet, but she had the wind knocked out of her. She heard Nikolas screaming at Luke, loud footsteps, and something falling to the floor. Suddenly she got her breath back.
She gasped for air and began to sit up, clutching her right shoulder. She glared at Luke.
"Nice shot, sweetheart." She moved her hand and began examining her shoulder. She glanced up. "Nik, be a dear and get the launch, I should probably go GH for this." She looked over at Stefan, who was still not moving. She leaned down and ch ecked his pulse. ZoŽ sighed. "Great. I think I knocked him unconscious."

"LUKE, WHAT THE HELL WERE YOU THINKING?!?!?!" Laura yelled, regaining her powers of speech. Her yells snapped him back into reality. He began to yell at ZoŽ.
"ZoŽ, what are you doing here? You could have been KILLED!"
"No thanks to you! I've been here for a week and already I've had three opportunities to have you arrested?!" ZoŽ yelled back. "What were you THINKING?!"
"Me?! I'm not the one who ran in front of gunfire!"
"I'm not the one who was shooting, you imbecile! What posessed you to come in here and shoot a man?! If I hadn't shown up, you'd be facing major murder charges!"
"I had reasons."
"Oh, shut - ow!" ZoŽ clutched her shoulder as she tried to gesture. "Dammit, I can't even yell at you properly. I'm gonna kick your ass later, Spencer. Where the hell is Nikolas and why isn't this guy waking up yet?" ZoŽ caught sight of Bobbie. "Bobbie! You're a nurse! Get over here and check out whoever the hell this is!"
"Boy, you get cranky when you're shot, don't you?" Bobbie commented, walking over to Stefan. "Laura, can you-" Bobbie stopped speaking. Laura was gone.

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