New Kid In Town

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New Kid In Town

Chapters 11 - 15

Chapter Eleven

Editors' Note:Lorenzoe is pronounced Lorenzo, not Loren Zoey.

ZoŽ stood up from the chair and paced for a few moments, wondering how to say it. There was really no simple way. She hadn't kept it a secret, so he couldn't get angry at her. She had told him as soon as she was 100% certain.

"I asked you a question, girl. Who are you." Luke stated, interrupting her train of thought.

ZoŽ sat back down and put her face in her hands. She looked through her fingers at Luke. She took a deep breath.

"I came here, to Port Charles, on a whim. I had quite a few hospitals to chose from, but when I saw the location, I couldn't resist. I thought I might find an old friend, a distant relative, an acquaintance even, but not this. Not this." She looked up and met his eye. "You never stayed in one place long until now." ZoŽ gave a short laugh. "No wonder I couldn't find anything after here. I figured you were dead or lost or something."

"I asked you a question."

"The name's Lorenzoe. Lorenzoe Sedmen. I'm Camille's daughter."

Chapter Twelve

"The name's Lorenzoe. Lorenzoe Sedmen. I'm Camille's daughter."

"What do you want with me? I only knew your mother for a few months before I was relocated." ZoŽ rolled her eyes.

"Do the math, Luke, honey! You saw my date of birth on the computer at GH! Do the freaking math!" ZoŽ replied. She saw the reaction. The glance of confusion. Awareness. Disbelief. Then a strange mixture. She reached into her pocket and pulled out a piece of paper.

"What's this?"

"Results of a paternity test from about 1997."

"You lost me."

"When you were tested for bone marrow compatibility for Lesley Lu, I had a sample of your blood tested."

"Why wait until now?"

"I lost track of you. You left Port Charles and then vanished. Soon after, my contacts vanished."

"Your contacts?"

"Nevermind. If you want to get another test done, I can have it arranged privately."

"Why didn't she tell me?"

"You said 'I can stay here and die or leave here and live. But if I live, you can't follow.' She knew that she would be in danger, I would be in danger, and you would be an easy target."

"But why didn't she tell me? I shouldn't have told her that. Well, how was your life?"

"I'm fine. You didn't do anything wrong. She didn't do anything wrong. Nobody did anything wrong, OK?"

"Is this what you meant by you owed me for something?"

"Yeah, aren't I sweet? I kick you out of my cousin's room, revive some family grudge, nearly demolish your hand, but because I owe you, well, my life, I let you off the hook with the chief of staff."

"You called me a Cassadine!" Luke suddenly exclaimed. ZoŽ sighed in exasperation.

"I did NOT call you a Cassadine! I said I didn't care who you were, even if you were the person who gives out the money for my paychecks, who just happens to be a Cassadine."

"No, no, no, sweetheart, you don't understand. It's not 'a Cassadine' it's the most annoying Cassadine in the whole freaking world!"

"Thank God he doesn't know I'm a Spencer or I'd be out of a job!"

"Great, my kid's employed by the Cassadines." ZoŽ smiled. "What?"

"Nothing. Uh, speaking of kids, how are you going to spring this one on your family?"

As if on cue, the door opened, making ZoŽ and Luke jump a bit. Lucky stuck his head in.

"Hey, Dad, Sorry to interrupt, but can you tell Mom that Elizabeth's coming over for dinner?"

"Uhh, sure, Cowboy. See you then."

"Yeah." Lucky closed the door, instinctively pressing his ear against it, although he wasn't sure why he did.

"So that's my little brother. He looks a helluva lot like you." He heard ZoŽ say.

Chapter Thirteen

"I've got something to say!" Lucky cried in the middle of the din of a Spencer dinner. Laura glanced up from cooing at Virginia Jean and handed her back to Carly and Jason. Luke looked up from the middle of a conversation with Mike and Bobbie. Lulu and Lucas even stopped chattering. Lucky caught Elizabeth's eye and smiled.

"Well, what is it, boy? We can only shut up for so long!" Luke cried. Lucky grabbed Elizabeth's hand and held it up.

"Elizabeth and I are getting married."

ZoŽ yawned as she awoke slowly. She didn't have to be at the hospital all day. She walked out of her bedroom and into the kitchen of her small apartment.

"Coffee!" she mumbled, searching through the cupboards for coffee filters. She finally found one and put everything in the coffee pot. She walked over to the door of her apartment to get the paper. When she opened the door, an envelope fell to the ground. ZoŽ opened the envelope. A photograph and a single piece of paper. She read the paper.

" I once was lost, but now am found

Was blind, but now I see."

ZoŽ looked at the photograph.

"Oh my God." she whispered.

Chapter Fourteen

"Dad, we need to talk." Lucky walked calmly into Luke's office.

"Yeah, what's up, Cowboy?" Lucky shut the door to the office quietly. Luke looked up in alarm. "What happened?"

"Nothing. Except you cheated on Mom."

"WHAT?" Luke cried. He lowered his voice. "What in God's name are you talking about?" Luke hissed, trying to control his temper.

"Your daughter."

"Lulu? What does she-"

"The one that was in your office yesterday, Dad."


"How many daughters do you have?"

"Two- I think." Luke sighed, realizing Lucky's mistake. "Lucky, how long have me and Laura been married?"

"I don't know, Twenty years?"

"Seventeen- almost eighteen. I knew her for about two and a half years before we married."

"What's your point?"

"ZoŽ is 22. Listen, check out the facts before you make wild accusations, OK?"

"Sorry." Lucky replied, looking a bit sheepish. Then he thought for a second.

"Well, how come I never met her?"

"I only met her a few days ago. Her mother never told me. ZoŽ had a paternity test done when I was tested for a match with Lulu a few years ago."

"What took her so long?"

"Apparently, after that whole Switzerland-Cassadine thing, she couldn't find me. She came here because she's a doctor, working at General Hospital. You probably heard Bobbie mention Dr. Edmundson?" Lucky looked down at the ground.

Someone knocked at the door from the outside.

"Go away, I'm busy." Luke called.

The person pounded on the door.

"Damn!" Luke commented, getting up to open the door. He flung it open.

It was ZoŽ.

Chapter Fifteen

"Go away, I'm busy." Luke replied.

The person pounded on the door.

"Damn!" Luke commented, getting up to open the door. He flung it open.

It was ZoŽ.

"Luke, I need your help." ZoŽ said, her voice edgy and strained.

"Good God, what happened to you, woman?"

"It's a long story. To sum it up, it involves family and I need your help." ZoŽ looked at Luke. "Are you gonna let me in or what?"

"Oh, sorry." Luke stepped aside. "Lucky, this is ZoŽ Edmundson. ZoŽ, this is Lucky Spencer."

"Nice to meet you." ZoŽ said, shaking Lucky's hand. She turned to Luke. "I take it this is your son?"

"Sure is, sis. Listen, Dad, I've got to get to Mrs. Hardy's house so Elizabeth and I can spring the news on them." Lucky patted Luke on the shoulder. "See ya."

"I see you told them." ZoŽ commented as Lucky shut the door.

"Only him so far. Listen, ZoŽ, I can't help you if you don't tell me what's wrong." Luke said. ZoŽ tossed the picture down on his desk. Luke picked it up.

It was a photo of a little girl. Probably about three or so. She had reddish-blonde hair and dark eyes and pigtails. Luke looked up at ZoŽ in confusion.

"Her name is Lenna."

"Lenna what? What's her last name?" ZoŽ began to cry.

"I don't know!" ZoŽ replied. She closed her eyes for a few seconds, composing herself.

"Who's she to you?" ZoŽ took the picture from Luke and held it gently, as if it was going to break.

"She's my daughter," ZoŽ whispered.

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