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Characters of Memories

Lucky Spencer- younger son of Luke and Laura Spencer. shunned Lasha because of her parentage, but after his coma realized what an idiot he was. dating Lasha. recently released from GH. Luke Spencer- husband of Laura Spencer, father of Lucky and Lulu. recently learned he is Nikolas' father. employed Lasha at his club. Laura Spencer- wife of Luke Spencer, mother of Lucky, Lulu, and Nikolas. made Stefan think he was Nikolas' father, then plotted with Stefan to make Stavros think that he was Nikolas' father. told Lasha the story of her parents. Lasha Peters- daughter of Nicole Cardino and Stefan Cassadine. raised by Keia Peters. moved in with the Spencers after searching out Laura during a search for her biological parents. blames herself for Lucky's accident, but thrilled when he forgave her. dating Lucky. looks like Nicole. reminds Laura and Luke of Helena. disappeared from the Spencer home. Nikolas Cassadine-

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