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Chapters 11 - 15


About an hour later, Luke found Laura in their bedroom. Laura put down her book and raised her eyebrows in question as he walked into the room.

"I think he's mad at you."

"Why?" Laura asked.

"Well, you didn't tell us for so long, so he's kind of annoyed."

"Good. It's healthy. What about Lasha - I mean Lana."

"He won't admit to anything. He did mutter that she and Nikolas would probably get together now."


"He has an inferiority thing with Nikolas. I think he had a thing for Sarah before she and Nikolas got together." Luke sat next to her on the bed. "Laura, how did our family get so screwed up?" he asked.

"Have you even met us before?" Laura laughed, although her mind was miles away, wondering what had ever happened to Nicole.

"Lasha! How dare you talk back to me!"
"Nikolas, your mother was brave and strong, like your father."
"Lasha! Run for the boat!"

Lasha suddenly was wide awake, gasping for breath. It was another dream, but with the same ending. She looked around her. Where was she? Suddenly it all came back to her. She was not Lasha, but Lana, and she was living in New York. Someone knocked at her door.

"Come in," she called. It was Laura. "Laura! I'm glad to see you. I had another dream."

"Let me hear it." Laura smiled at the eager young girl.

"It was actually like three dreams. The last one was exactly like the one I had on the plane. The second will probably be your favorite, but I like the first one best.

"There was an older woman, she had greying dark hair and an angry expression. I had said something to her, I don't know what. She was furious and yelled at me 'Lasha! How dare you talk back to me!' She raised her hand to hit me, but a boy, a year or so older than I, raced in between us, taking the force of the woman's blow. She left a bruise mark on his face, but he didn't cry. He just stood there without expression. He seemed to be defying her."

"The woman had to be Helena. No one else would try to hit you. The boy was Nikolas. Standing there without crying sounds exactly like him. I cannot believe that bitch hit my son." Laura cried angrily. After a few seconds, she asked Lasha to continue.

"Well, the second dream I felt excluded. There was some man talking to, I guess Nikolas, because it was the same boy, and the woman from the dream on the plane was there too. They were talking about you, Laura. Stefan was saying to Nikolas how brave and strong you were, like Nikolas had been against Helena." Lasha sat back for Laura's reaction.

"That is my favorite of the dreams. I knew that Nikolas grew up knowing about me, but I wasn't sure exactly what had been said." Laura and Lasha smiled at one another. Someone knocked at the door.

"Yes?" Laura called.

"I'm going to work, now!" It was Lucky.

"All right. Say hello to Ruby for me." Laura replied. She turned back to Lasha. "You should get to work too."

"Me? I don't have a job! I don't even have a real name!" Lasha exclaimed.

"I hear that there's a nice club hiring. I think you know the owner." Laura grinned.

"When do I start?" Lasha replied, smiling.


The weeks flew by for Lasha. She became well-known in Port Charles for her high score in the SATs at PCH, which worried Laura. However, little else changed. Lucky still insisted on being barely polite to her, despite his growing attraction towards her. Before she had realized it, she had been in Port Charles for two months. Somehow, she had avoided all Cassadines throughout her stay. She was reflecting on all of this when she ran right into a student who had stepped out of a classroom.

"Oh, I'm terribly sorry." the darkly handsome boy apologized.

"That's all right. I wasn't paying attention to where I was going." Lasha looked up.

"Have we met before?" the boy asked, his brow furrowed in thought.

"I- I don't think so, but you look very familiar." Lasha replied as the bell rang.

"Well, I must go. Goodbye." the boy ran off. Lasha stood there, trying to figure out who the boy was. She spied Lucky staring at her.

"Lucky!" Lasha called, racing over. Lucky sighed.

"What?" Lucky replied coldly.

"Who was that guy I was just talking to?" Lucky just stared at her for a moment, his face as straight and emotionless as possible, although he felt as though his heart was breaking.

"My brother." Lucky turned and left Lasha standing there in horror.


Lucky jumped as the front door slammed shut. Lasha stalked into the kitchen where Lucky looked up from his homework. They both remembered standing similarly when they first had met. She stopped and stared straight at him.

"What?" he finally asked.

"My God, excuse me while I have a heart attack. Lucky Spencer graced me with the sound of his voice within my hearing range!" Lasha cried sarcastically. Lucky turned away, trying to ignore her, only succeeding in making Lasha angrier.

"What the hell is your problem? What did I ever do to you anyway? Ever since you found out my heritage, you've been a complete jerk! Sorry, I should have drawn you a family tree as soon as we met. But, wait a minute! That's right! I didn't know!!!"

"All right, that's enough." Lucky interrupted her. Lasha just raised her eyebrows. "My family has been against yours since before I was born. It's not my fault that I'm prejudiced."

"Yes it is. Your parents have accepted me, why can't you? My family has been against yours since before I was born, and I'm not prejudiced."

"You weren't raised with it!"

"Exactly!!! I wasn't raised a Cassadine! People do not become their parents! Look at Jason Morgan, for God's sake! Do you think he takes after Alan much?!" Lasha yelled.

"You've met Nikolas now. Why don't you go visit him for awhile and leave me the hell alone."

"Oh, good idea! I'll just skip on over to Wydemere and while I'm there why don't I call up Helena and tell her to measure me a coffin? You probably wouldn't even come to my funeral!" Lucky ignored her. "I don't know what sort of inferiority complex you have with Nikolas, but I'm not becoming involved in it!" Lasha cried. Lucky slammed he pen down on the table.

"I'm out of here." Lucky replied, racing out the door. A few seconds later, Lasha heard the tires squeal as he pulled out of the driveway. She sat down at the table and put her head in her hands. Then she heard it. The sickening sound of metal crushing into metal. She flew out of her seat and raced out of the house. She screamed as her eyes focused on the scene outside.


Lasha walked up and down the hall outside of the ICU unit. Her insides were beginning to fill with self-loathing.

"Lana! Would you sit down! You're making me dizzy!" Amy Vining exclaimed after watching Lasha for a few moments.

"Sorry." Lasha muttered, sinking into a chair near the hall. She stared off into space, not really seeing anything, and not thinking either. It was too painful for Lasha to think about. The EMS's wouldn't even let her ride in the ambulance with him. Something about her being underage. Luckily, a police officer gave her a ride. But now she was there, not able to be told anything until Luke and Laura showed up. I hate waiting, she thought. Then she remembered thinking those exact words before while sitting in the back room of Luke's Club, waiting for Lucky. Remembering, she felt as though her heart had fallen into her stomach. Determined not to cry, she opened a nearby magazine and flipped through the pages without reading them.

"Lana! What is it? What happened?" Bobbie asked, just arriving to work for a late shift. Lasha looked up at Lucky's aunt, relieved that if he needed surgery they had an adult guardian.

"It's Lucky. He was in a car accident."

"Oh my God. What do they know?"

"No one will tell me anything. I'm not an adult and I'm not a relative. I'm just some girl who happens to live in his house, I guess," Lasha replied spitefully.

"Let me see what I can find out," Bobbie began to say.

"Bobbie! Good thing you're here. You've got another patient!" a doctor shouted. Bobbie walked over to him.

"Who is it?" she asked.

"It's your nephew." the doctor began before jumping into medical jargon that Lasha had no hope of understanding. Bobbie's eyes widened and she walked over to Lasha.

"Lana, he's in a coma." Bobbie said sadly.

"Who's in a coma?" Luke asked, who happened to be walking down the hallway. The elevator sounded as it came to a stop.

"Where is he?" Laura asked, as the door to the elevator opened, rushing over to Lasha and Bobbie. Bobbie looked at both of them.

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