Marissa Sutton
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Marissa Sutton

Chapters 1-5

Marissa sat alone on the front steps of her apartment building, her chin resting on her curled up knees. She missed England. The light rain was slowly soaking her hair and clothes. She stared out over the harbor; she squinted as she thought she saw a figure on a horse ride along the shore of the island. Ah, to be rich, she thought. Her father had a great deal of money, she had heard, but he had died a long time ago.
"What the hell?!" Marissa heard someone yell. She jumped up and crept down to the bushed railing at the end of the parking lot that overlooked the docks. Marissa peered through the bushes. Her eyes widened as she saw three twenty- something guys jump a teenage boy.
"Hey! What do you think you're doing?" She shouted, attracting the attention of the three guys. "Dad! Michael! Come here!" she called. The three guys vacated the scene as Marissa raced down the steep hill to the boy's side.
"Are you okay?" she asked, kneeling next to the boy.
"Ah, I coulda taken 'em," he muttered. Marissa laughed.
"Yeah, sure. Here." She stood up and offered her hand to help him up.
"Thanks." He stood up. He was a couple inches taller than she was, with dark blonde hair and blue eyes.
"So you 'coulda taken 'em', huh?" Marissa asked.
"Of course!" The boy looked up the hill. "Shouldn't your Dad be coming by now?"
"My Dad? Oh. I've never even met my father! I just said that to scare them away." The boy began to laugh. He tried to walk, but grimaced.
"Great. I hurt my ankle." He tried to walk again, but almost fell over before Marissa grabbed him.
"Whoa. You need to get home or something. Do you live around here?"
"No, I live on the other side of town!"
"Crap." Marissa glanced up the steep hill. "Well, there's no way in hell you could make it up that thing."
"My Dad's about a block over. Do you think you could help me walk over there?" the boy asked.
"Sure, I guess. I've got a couple of hours to kill. Here, put your arm around my shoulders and- Okay." The boy's arm was around her shoulders and her arm was around his waist. Marissa glanced at him. "You ready?"
"Oh, my name's Marissa Sutton, by the way."
"Mine's Lucky Spencer."

"Damn, boy! What happened to you?" an older man cried as Marissa and Lucky came in through the club's door.
"Who me? Nothing much. Went to the docks, got jumped by a coupla thugs, got my ass saved by a girl, ya know, the usual," Lucky replied.
"Uh, excuse me, can I use the phone to call my mum? She's probably wondering where I am."
"Sure." the man replied. As he placed his hand on the reciever, the phone rang. "Luke's Club. Luke. What d'ya want?" Lucky handed Marissa a cell phone.
"Here, use this." Marissa smiled, taking the phone.

"Hi, Mum."
"Marissa! Where in the bloody hell are you?"
"Sorry, but this boy got attacked on the docks and I had to help him to where his father was. Where are you anyway?" Lucky laughed at this.
"Home. I ran into Robin, too. She's over here. I don't want you walking here though, it's getting late."
"Oh. Well, maybe Robin knows where I am. Uh, hold on a second, Lucky's gesturing at me wildly." Marissa laughed, cupiing her hand over the phone. "What is it?"
"Robin Scorpio?"
"Yeah, do you know her?"
"Yeah. Just tell your mom that you're at Luke's. Robin knows where that is."
"All right." Marissa turned back to the phone. "Mum? He says to just say I'm at Luke's and that Robin knows where that is."
"Hold on a second, hon . . . yep, she knows where that is. She laughed when I said that, which makes me wonder a bit. We'll be there in five minutes. Love you."
"Bye." Marissa hung up the cell phone and handed it back to Lucky. "Robin knows exactly where I am. Thank you. Um, if you don't mind my asking, how do you know Robin?"
"Oh, her father and my father go way back." Marissa raised her eyebrows.
"Really? When did they meet?"
"I don't know. Hey Dad! When did you and Robert meet?" Luke glanced up from the bar.
"Scorpio?" Luke shrugged. "Couple months before the whole Cassadine- freeze-the-world thing started." Marissa's eyes widened and she paled slightly.
"Cassadines? You know the Cassadines?" As if on cue, Nikolas stepped in.
"Speak of 'em, here comes Nikky." A look of pure fear came over Marissa's face. She pulled her hair out of its ponytail and stood at the bar, her hair covering her face, her back to Nikolas. Luke glanced at Marissa strangely. She was practically shaking with fear.

"Lucky," Nikolas said.
"What?" Lucky asked his brother snidely.
"I was wondering if you knew the exact date of Laura's return."
"She's coming back?"
"Sorry, I assumed you knew. She is your mother as well." Luke looked at Marissa sharply. Her face had gone almost completely white and her eyes were closed and she looked as if she were mumbling something to herself.
"Like Hell you assumed. Nikolas, do everyone a favor and get out." Nikolas rolled his eyes and turned to leave. He caught sight of Marissa and did a double take. Luke spoke up quickly.
"Hey, get out before you attract the rest of the vampire clan o'er here!"
Without another word, Nikolas stormed out.

Luke leaned down next to Marissa.
"He's gone." Marissa's eyes snapped open.
"Are you sure?" She asked quietly.
"How many of them are here? I assume that at least Stefan is, considering that Nikolas is."
"Also Alexis and the Queen of Darkness herself."
"Helena is here? My God, I am dead. I'm as good as dead."
"Why would Helena want to kill you?" Someone put their hand on Marissa's shoulder, making her automatically stiffen.
"Marissa, are you ready to go?"
"Mum. Thank God. We need to get out of here as fast as possible."
"What? Why?"
"Nikolas, Stefan, Alexis, and Helena are all here."
"Oh my God. Right here?"
"No, on Spoon Island," Luke spoke up. Marissa's mother glanced up, seeing Luke for the first time.
"I've got to go. Oh, Holly, have you met Luke?" Robin piped up from behind them.
"Yes, we have." Holly streched her hand out. "How lovely to see you again."
"Meanwhile, as Holly greeted old friends and acquaintances, a Cassadine sniper shot and killed her daughter," Marissa said sarcastically. Robin rolled her eyes and waved as she walked out the door.
"Actually, darlin', that's not how they operate. Helena's rather creative when it comes to finishing up grudges," Luke piped up.
"Thank you, Luke. Marissa, how do you know that they're here?" Holly asked.
"Nikolas Cassadine came in here and Luke told me that Stefan, Alexis, and Helena are running around too. Real great town you picked, Mum."
"Nikolas Cassadine came into Luke's club? Good God, why?"
"To talk with me," Lucky spoke up.
"Who the devil are you?" Holly asked.
"Lucky Spencer, I'm Luke's son. Who are you?"
"Holly Sutton. Why would a Cassadine be coming to see you?" Lucky laughed.
"Technically, he's my brother." Holly 's eyes widened as she glanced from Luke to Lucky in confusion. Marissa felt nauseous and clutched onto the bar as if she was about to faint.

Holly opened her mouth several times, but nothing came out. She couldn't understand how Luke's son could be the Cassadine heir's brother.
"Laura was held captive by Stavros, remember? Voila, Nikky boy was born," Luke said.
"Speaking of 'Nikky boy', I think he recognized me." Marissa said softly.
"Why would they give a damn about you?" Luke asked. Holly and Marissa exchanged a look.
"My parents crossed them too many times," Marissa volunteered.
"What do you mean?" Lucky asked. "So have mine, but I'm still around."
"That's because your father is still here to intimidate Helena. Mine isn't."
"What happened to your father?" Lucky asked.
"When I was about eight, Helena arranged for my father and step-mother to be killed in an explosion while I was living with my aunt in New York. About a year later, Helena ordered my death, but my aunt got Mum back and we went back to England."
"Wait a second. How old are you?" Luke interrupted.
"Fourteen, why?"
"Holly, why didn't you ever tell him?!" Luke cried, realzing who Marissa's father was.
"He died before I could, Luke."
"What about his brother and his daughter?"
"Robin was fourteen at the time!"
"Robin?" Lucky stared at Marissa. "Robert Scorpio is your father?"

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