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Chapters 1-5

"Loren Spencer.... you aren't related to Lu Spencer are you?"
"She's my sister," Loren sighed. Damn perfect Lu. Dominique looked over at Loren and smiled sympathetically. Before Ms. Deahl could sing the praises of Lu Spencer, the last bell rang, ending Loren's day at PCH.
"You OK?" Dominique asked, looking at Loren in concern.
"Five years, Dom! The girl's five freakin' years older than me, and still the legacy lives on of the sweet, angelic, straight-A, prom queen, valedictorian, Harvard accepted, class president Lesley Lu Spencer!" Loren cried dramatically as she spun the combination of the locker she and Dominique shared.
"Lor, chill out with the inferiority complex. It's getting outta hand. Do you want you and Lu to end up like Liz and Sarah?" Dom asked, checking her perfectly made-up face in the small locker mirror.
"Hey, Liz got the guy didn't she?"
"Depends on who ya ask. Sarah got a guy. A cute, rich one at that."
"Dominique Collins, get the Katherine-Bell-gold-digger gleam out of your eye and don't even think about getting your claws in him!" Dominique grinned mischievously at Loren.
"Come on, our chariot awaits!" Dominique replied.
"Is that what you call that piece of crap?"
"What? I don't even have a piece of crap! Dad still thinks I'm five. Ya see, if I get older, then he gets older!"
"Ah." Dominique replied as the door to the school shut.

"Thanks for the ride. See ya tomorrow." Loren slammed the door shut as Dominique sped off.
"Hey, was that Dominique, Princess?" Luke asked.
"No that was Dominique Collins."
"How did you get to be such a smartass?" Luke wondered with a grin.
"Comes with the territory." Loren began to walk upstairs.
"Lu's home. She's upstairs." Luke called. Loren calmly walked up the stairs, into her room, and climbed down the tree like she had been doing for sixteen years. She brushed off her dark denim jeans, pulled her hair up in a ponytail, and slung her bookbag over her shoulders, walking down the street whistling as the sun set in the background.

"I'LL GET IT!!" Loren stepped back laughing. Lisa swung open the door.
"Hiya Lisa!" Loren smiled at her cute little niece. Lisa smiled toothlessly.
"Lisa Carolyn Spencer! How many times have I told you not to YELL LIKE THIS!"
"Sorry Momma. Can I go tell Daddy Aunt Loren's here?"
"Sure, sweetie. He's in the kitchen trying to cook something."
"Ew. Daddy stop!" Lisa cried, running into the kitchen. Loren and Elizabeth smiled at each other.
"Lu's home." Loren explained.
"I know. That's why I have Lucky in the kitchen. Well, that and we'll probably get pizza." Loren laughed. "Do you want to talk or do you just want to get away from the heavenly glow for awhile?"
"Don't let Luck hear you. He'd start going on about how nice Lu is."
"Don't worry, Lor, the perfection is dulled after awhile. Look at Sarah and me. I settled down in a nice suburban thing, and she's off doing who knows what with a husband twice her age!"
"He's not twice her age!"
"Well, he used to be, now he's probably in his fifties. Anyway, look at AJ Quartermaine and Jason."
"Jason doesn't care what AJ does unless it's about Michael."
"No, you got it backwards. Jason used to be like Sarah and Lu until that amnesia thing."
"So all I have to do is give Lu amnesia and she'll become a mob princess?"
"What about Lu?" Lucky asked, coming into the room.
"Ah, dammit. There goes conversation."
"Loren!" Lucky cried. Loren gave Elizabeth a look.
"I better be getting home. There's a nice bright glow coming from it, so I won't get lost." Elizabeth started laughing. Lucky looked at her blankly."See ya." Loren walked out the door.

Loren whistled softly to herself as she wandered the streets of Port Charles. She didn't want to go home yet. The Angel was there. She wandered around the park for a while, looking at the frozen fountain. She sat down on the edge of the fountain, running her fingers along the edge.
"Oh crap! It's ten already! Mom's gonna be mad." Loren sighed and stood up, pulling her long dark coat tightly around her as she felt a chill in the air. She clumsily dropped her bookbag.
"Dammit," she whispered, kneeling down to pick it up.
The next sound was a terrified scream cut off short in the dark night.

Lu mumbled angrily to herself. "Stupid Loren. Can't believe I'm out here at ten to look for my baby sister. Lucky never had to go out and-" A scream broke into her thoughts. Lu stood deadly still for a second.
"Loren?" she whispered, breaking into a run. The scream stopped. Lu ran faster. Then she gasped, seeing Loren struggling against a masked man who was dragging her into the bushes.

"Let me go! Dammit! Help! Somebody!" Loren tried to scream as tears ran down her face. "Where's my overprotective brothers when I need them? Hell, where's a sharp object when I need one?" She thought.
Suddenly Loren was set free as the man crumpled to the ground. She looked up fearfully and saw Lu standing there with a determined look on her face, holding a gun. Lu dropped the gun and opened her arms.
Loren ran into her sister's arms sobbing. Lu sat her baby sister down on a bench and whipped out her cell phone.
"Detective Garcia please .... Alex? This is Lesley Lu Spencer. I am calling to report that I just shot a man ..... Believe me, Alex, I had good reason ......Get an ambulance and a squad car over here ....The park ..... He was attacking my sister .....Yeah probably ......Thanks .... Hurry, I need to get her home..... Bye." Lu snapped her phone shut and held Loren close. "Shh, it's OK. Nobody's gonna hurt you. He can't touch anyone anymore." Lu soothed her. She suddenly had a brainstorm. "Loren, I'm gonna call Lizzie, OK?" Loren nodded.
"Hello?" Liz answered the phone, laughing at Lucky's attempt at dinner.
"Liz? It's Lu. Grab your car and get your ass to the park."
"Why? What happened? Ohmigod, where's Loren?" Liz asked as an old familiar feeling filled the pit of her stomach.
"She's with me right now... Just get here. Leave Lucky with the kids." Liz heard police sirens.
"I'm on my way." Liz hung up the phone and turned to Lucky. "I'm going out. Stay here with Lisa and Luke and I'll be back soon." He looked at her in concern. He remembered that look. Before Lucky could say anything, Liz was out the door.

"Lu, what happened? Why did you shoot this man?" Garcia demanded as he stepped out of the squad car.
"I was looking for my sister and I heard a scream. I ran over and saw that man dragging my sister into the bushes as she struggled to escape. So I shot him. Then I called you and my sister-in-law."
"Robin Cassadine?"
"No, Elizabeth Spencer." As if on cue, Liz's car screeched to a halt and she came running out. She took Loren into her arms.
"It's gonna be OK, Loren." Liz whispered.
"He-he tried to-"
"I know. I know, sweetie. But he isn't gonna hurt anybody anymore."
"What happened?"
"Daddy!" Loren sobbed, running into a shocked Luke's arms. Liz looked at Luke stonily before turning around. She gasped.
The man. Lying on the ground bleeding. It was him. The same mask. The same-
"Lu, give me your phone." Liz said. She took it and dialed a number.
"Lucky? Take the kids to Laura's and get over here now." Liz sank to the ground and began to cry.

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