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Chapters 31 - 35

Luke and Blonde Ria
Luke and a disguised Ria,
Chapter Thirty-Seven

Chapter Thirty-Six

"Something's happening in there, Nik. Maybe we shouldn't interrupt," Ria hissed outside the hospital door. Nikolas turned to her in worry.
"What do you mean something's happening in there? Is Elizabeth in trouble."
"Oh, she's in trouble all right. She's falling for li'l bro... and I think he's falling right back at her."
"It's about time!" Nikolas muttered.
"Ah, little Nikky the matchamker!" Ria grinned. She caught sight of someone down the hallway. "Oh God." She turned around and faced Nikolas directly. "Luke's coming." The siblings looked at each other, both gulped in unison.
"Hello." Luke said. Ria turned around. "Nice disguise there, Ria." Ria raised an eyebrow.
"How'd you know?"
"What? Let down your guard so quickly?" Luke shook his head in dissapproval.
"Hell-in-a Cassadine has no reason to kill me now, unless she decides to kill me just because I happen to take after my mother. I no longer pose any threat to the Cassadine heir."
"Ria, there is no-" Ria clamped her hand over Nikolas' mouth.
"Nikky boy, you got a lot to learn. Go check on li'l bro and come back and tell Luke how he's doing, okay?" Nikolas nodded and went inside Elizabeth's room.
"Damn, I've never seen him even obey Stiffy like that!" Ria smiled.
"He knows I can beat him up." She replied, making Luke laugh. "So, did your WSB paternity test come back yet?" Luke stared at her, to shocked to deny it.
"How did you-"
"A lady never reveals her sources... and neither do I. How did you know it was me?" she asked.
"Maybe it was a paternal instinct. Anyway, you aren't disguised that well for you."
"Whatever do you mean, Daddy dearest?"
"I think you know exactly what I mean, ValleyGirl8275." Ria's eyes widened.
"Oh, shit!" She cursed.

Chapter Thirty-Seven

"I think you know exactly what I mean, ValleyGirl8275." Ria's eyes widened.
"Oh, shit!" She cursed.
Several nurses and a doctor stared at her. She lied in a blink of an eye.
"I locked my keys in my car again! Luke, can you give me a hand getting the door open?" Luke stared at this girl in admiration.
"Sure, but what about your travelling companion." Even as he spoke, Ria had pulled out paper and a pencil. She wrote Nikolas a quick note and shoved it under Elizabeth's door. She knocked twice.
"Let's go." she replied, grabbing Luke's arm. The elevator door had just barely shut behind them when Nikolas picked up the note.

Ria and Luke walked into a hidden room near the parking garage of GH.
"How much do you know and what IDIOT told you?" Ria cried.
"Let's just say I have some friends in high places over there."
"Oh, that's comforting!" Ria replied, still very angry. She ran her fingers through her blonde wig absently. She took a deep breath and began to calm down. "Okay. Who told you." she asked calmly.
"An old friend."
"Are you trying to be difficult or does it come naturally to you?"
"Little bit of both." Luke grinned.
"Luke, this is serious. If there's a leak, how do I know that there aren't three hits out on me and a sniper aiming at my head right now?" She waved over her shoulder to an imaginary sniper. "Hi there!"
"There isn't a leak. He owed me. I just wanted him to find out everything he could about you. I got a little bonus."
"Tell me something I don't know! Do you know that I quit the WSB? VG8275, master of disguise, quit."
"I knew you did, but I didn't know why. Care to share?"
"When I found out what was thought to be my true identity, I immediately became a danger, a risk to any mission I was a part of. Kind of like Luke Skywalker in that last Star Wars movie, ya know?"
"So, Steffin would be Darth Vader, Helena would be the Emperor... I guess Nikky would be Leia-" Luke began.
"No, actually I think Lucky would be Leia because of the Han Solo factor."
"Really? And who might Han Solo be?"
"I can't tell you until he admits to it himself." Ria got a shocked look on her face. "I'm sorry!"
"I completely forgot that we're supposed to be really uncomfortable around each other!" Ria smacked herself on the head. "Dammit!"
"That reminds me, I want to know how you found out." Ria looked at Luke.
"I know what you want me to say, even if you don't. You want me to say that I figured it out, that Laura told me, that Steffin figured it out, something like that. Well, sorry, pops." Ria patted him on the shoulder. "Ya called my bluff."

Chapter Thirty-Eight

Ria walked casually into the hospital room.
"G'Day, mes petits fréres!" Ria said, starting with an Austarilian accent and ending with a French one.
"Liz, this is Ria. Ria, this is Liz." Lucky said, tearing himself away from Elizabeth long enough to introduce Ria and Elizabeth.
"I thought Lucky said you had dark hair!" Elizabeth said.
"I usually do," Ria replied, patting her blonde wig down. "But, you know, with those nutty Cassadines running around, you can't be too safe!" Elizabeth laughed.
"I heard about your recent, um, paternal revelation?" Elizabeth replied, uncertain of how to word it.
" 'Paternal revelation' " Ria mused. "I like that, it'll confuse the hell out of people and by the time they figure it out, they'll feel too stupid to ask! Ha! Thanks, Elizabeth!"
"Oh, call me Liz. All my friends do." Elizabeth replied, feeling mishcievous for the first time in months.
"Hey!" Lucky cried. He leaned over Elizabeth where the plug to her machines was convienitly located. "I saved your life, babe, I can take it back!" Elizabeth giggled and swatted his hand away. Lucky grinned and sat back down. He made his voice casual. "So where did Da- Luke go? I saw you two talking earlier." It didn't fool Ria for a second.
"North Carolina."
"WHAT?!" Lucky and Nikolas cried in unison, jumping out of their chairs.
"Temper, temper!" Ria replied. Nikolas' eyes widened. He pulled out his cell phone.
"Get me Jonas." he barked into the phone. "Jonas, this is Nikolas. Where is Stefan?" He waited for a few seconds. "Thank you." He hung up the phone and turned to Ria and Lucky. "Stefan's in North Carolina." Ria glanced at her twin.
"I don't think Laura's gonna be in the mood to play mediator, especially if they're jumping down her throat." Nikolas nodded. Ria turned to Lucky, who was trying not to stare at Elizabeth. "Lucky! You stay here and watch Liz."
"What?" Nikolas and Lucky said at the same time.
"He's too easy a target for Steffin with his leg busted up like that. Anyway, all three of us have been seen in Liz's room. We need someone to stand watch. Lucky, come with me. Nikolas, stand watch for a few minutes." Ria commanded, dragging Lucky out of the room. They stepped into the elevator and within minutes were in the secret room where she and Luke had talked.
"Where are we?" Lucky asked.
"Secret passageways. Here." Ria handed him a pendant. "If anyone stops you in here, pull this out. If they ask you who's your cousin, reply VG8275. If they don't ask you, get your ass out of here, OK?"
"Who's VG8275."
"I'll tell you later. Now, follow me."
Ria grabbed Lucky's hand and pressed a portion of one wall, swinging a door open. They walked for a few moments in silence up the stairs of the passageway.
"He misses you, you know." Ria said.
"Ria, he raped our mother!"
"In 1979! And Laura never pressed charges, she never even named him. I know that it's completely inexcusable, but obviously, it's not completely unforgivable."
"It's also completely unforgettable!" Ria stopped and turned to Lucky.
"Lucky, it didn't happen to you! It happened to Laura, years before you were born. Frankly, you never had any right to know, but all rights were changed since Steffin told Nikolas. Laura forgave him. They already went through this hell, okay. Don't make them relive it. Luke pays for this every day in his mind and in his memories. Why are you making it worse?"
"Leave me alone, Ria." She backed off immediately.
"Sure. OK, here we are." She pressed her hand against a wall and a trap door appeared in the floor. She pulled it up and slid down. Lucky tossed his cane down and eased himself in.
Ria opened the door.
"What are you guys doing here?" Elizabeth cried.
They had just come out of the closet in her hospital room.

Chapter Thirty-Nine

"Stefan! What are you doing here?" Laura opened the door in surprise.
"I thought you should know that your son was almost killed in an automobile accident."
"No, he was almost killed saving a girl's life after an automobile accident." Laura replied calmly.
"Ah, I see you already knew."
"Yes, I did. Stefan, why did you really come here? I know you cannot possibly be concerned about my son's well-being."
"Your conclusions are correct, Lasha. I am concerned about our son's well-being."
"Why? What happened to Nikolas?"
"I have no idea. He left Wyndemere weeks ago and has not been in contact with me. However, my mother was in contact with him and found him in a penthouse with an English teenage girl named Zariina."
"You let Helena near our son? Are you INSANE?!"
"No. Apparently, she tried to bug his living room, but the bug was accidently destroyed when that Zariina knocked a table over."
"At least Ria wasn't there. Do you know what Helena would do to that girl? Not only does she threaten Nikolas' heir capabilities, but she looks exactly like me."
"I know. I am surprised that neither child takes directly after me."
"Well, Vlad, maybe that's because they ain't your kids!" Luke said, standing behind Laura. Laura looked at him in utter confusion.
"Luke, what are you talking about?"

Chapter Forty

"Look at the papers, baby! They don't lie! I had the test done myself to check and it's true, sweetheart!" Luke replied, handing her two paternity test results, each dated a few days ago.
Laura became pale. Stefan glanced at her sharply.
"Luke... is the father... what? wha- No. That's not true! It can't be true. He-Stefan, you told me... You checked it out... You did! I saw the papers! It said that only a Cassadine could be the father... I.... You checked it out..." Laura turned to Luke. "He checked it out! He-" she turned back to Stefan. "You said only a Cassadine could be the father because of the bloodwork. I saw the papers. And you said, you... you..." A look of realization came over Laura's face. "You! You lied to me! You knew all along and you lied to me. You made me leave my son on that damn godforsaken island. I only left him there because you said you would take care of him, protect him from Helena like I never could, because he was family! How the hell am I supposed to know you took care of him at ALL? How do I know this isn't one of Helena's plots?"
"Shut up! You made me think I had no claim on MY son!" Laura was in a bizarre emotional state, wanting to cry, but too furious to, only talking in a quietly calm, yet obviously angry and distraught voice. "You and your whole God damn family!" she was close to tears now. "You lied to me. You lied to me the entire time on that island! I thought you were different. I thought you were different." She whispered the last part.
"Laura, you have no right to judge me like this. I cared for the son YOU abandoned-"
"Oh save it! You are no different. You're exactly the same as Helena and Mikkos and Stavros." Laura stared at Stefan. "I recognize that look in your eyes, Stefan. It's your roots. Do you want to hit me? Go ahead." Laura was past tears now, speaking calmly in a voice Stefan recognized from her dealings with Stavros. "Completely take your brother's place in the family. You've lied, you've kept me from someone I loved, why not just beat me black and blue until I don't even look human and take your brother's place in that cold, black piece of coal your mother calls a heart?"
"Laura!" Stefan cried in shock.
"I don't want to hear any of your explanations. I've kept Luke from killing you for so long." Laura had a look of disguist on her face. "I'm beginning to wonder why I even bothered." Stefan opened his mouth to speak. "No. I've heard enough for a lifetime- for THREE lifetimes- mine and MY children's. Not yours, but MINE. As far as I am concerned, I never want you anywhere near me or my family ever again. Now get out while you can still walk."
Stefan turned and calmly walked out the door, although he was in a state of emotional hell inside.
"Laura?" Luke said cautiously. He hadn't truly realized everything she had been through until now. She turned around, ready to let him have it. Laura took one look at the face of the man she loved and crumpled into his arms, sobbing. Luke held her tightly and rubbed her back. "It's okay, baby. Everything's gonna be okay."

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