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Part One


Kat: Lucky, I need to tell you something.
Lucky: What?
Kat: I'm a Cassadine. I'm Stefan's daughter.
- - - - - - - - -

Stefan: (yelling into phone)WHAT DO YOU MEAN EKATERINA IS MISSING?
Nikolas: (coming in from behind Stefan)Who's Ekaterina?
- - - - - - - - -

Luke: (downing another drink)I said the joint's closed!
(Keys rattle in the door, unlocking it)
- - - - - - - - -

Kat: Lucky, wait! (she grabs his arm)
Lucky: (shrugging her hand off)I don't want to hear another word. Tell your father to take his plans and go to hell!
Kat: I already have, several times! Lucky, I do not listen to my father!
Lucky: Yeah, well, I don't listen to mine either, but I'm not an idiot, sweetheart.
Kat: (protesting)I never-
Lucky: (annoyed)Save it for someone who cares. (cruelly)Don't you have a town to freeze or something?
Kat: (angrily)You have no idea what my life has been like. How DARE you pass judgement on me?!
Lucky: Oh, go to hell.
Kat: (bitterly)You know I've been there. For God's sake, Lucky, I grew up with my grandmother!
Lucky: (patronizingly)Oh, why don't you throw yourself a pity party?
(Lucky walks off)
Kat: (in despair)Lucky, don't go!
(Kat sits down on the bench and cries, remembering when they first met)

(Flashback: a few months earlier)

Man: Hey there, what's your name?
Kat: (rolling her eyes)Lorena Bobbitt.
Man2: Can we buy you a drink, Lorena?
Kat: (waving away the stench of their breath)No thank you.
Man1: Aw, come on.
Kat: I said no.
Man3: (grabbing her arm)How's about a dance?
Kat: (trying to free her arm)How's about you leave me alone.
(The three men laugh)
Kat: (angrily)Let go of me!
Lucky: I believe the lady said she wanted to be left alone.
(The three turn, taking Kat's arm with them, twisting her into an uncomfortable position)
Man1: Yeah, and what are you gonna do 'bout it?"
Man2: Shut up, Lenny! Do you know who that is?
Man3: It's just a kid, Carter, chill out.
Carter: (looking around nervously)Do you know whose kid it is, Garth?
(Garth gets a look of panic on his face and quickly drops Kat's arm)
Lenny: (meekly)Sorry, kid. We'll be goin' now.
Lucky: Don't come back. We don't like drunken idiots assaulting people.
(Carter, Lenny, and Garth stumble out the door)
Kat: (feigning annoyance)I could have taken care of them, you know.
Lucky: (sitting down next to her)Yeah, but then I wouldn't have anything to do!
Kat: (laughing)Well, I was gonna say "Thank you", but it seems you should be thanking me!
Lucky: Why don't we just call it even, OK?
(Lucky sticks out his hand. Kat shakes it)
Kat: I'm Kat.
Lucky: My name's Lucky.
(Return to present)
Kat: (closes her eyes)Why must I always pay for what I had no control over?

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